About Us

This project was born from our love of NFTs and our admiration for craftsmanship, combined with the desire to create high-quality unique pieces. 

After working in the fashion industry in France and in the United States for over a decade, we began our journey as NFT collectors a little more than a year ago. 
Quickly, we realized a desire to bring our NFTs out of the virtual world and into the physical through well-crafted goods. 

Relaying on our expertise in product development and a large network of independent manufacturers throughout the globe, we decided to develop unique pieces with a special attention to details and quality.
After all, your custom-made design should be created with the same respect and care that went into the NFTs original creation. 

Hand embroidered patches and pins are only the beginning. We will be releasing new products soon...

Follow @nft_a_porter for updates ;)